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Welcome to the webpage of author S.N. Bronstein.

Please navigate through my website by clicking on the links at the TOP of this page to learn more about me, my adult and children’s books, book purchasing information, and how to contact me directly.

The adult Fairlington Lavender Detective Series includes; The Case of the Miami Philanthropist, The Case of the Miami Blackmailer, The Case of the Miami Vigilante, and The Case of the Yellow Flower Tattoo. These novels are available as a complete set or individually as stand-alone books. Readers will be inspired to follow these crime stories from the case files of Miami Beach private investigator Fairlington Lavender.

My children’s books are written for young readers ages 9-12. The series is called Private Eye Cats and includes; Private Eye Cats; Book One: The Case of the Neighborhood Burglars, and Private Eye Cats; Book Two: The Case of the Kidnapped Dog. The themes of these books are humorous, age appropriate stories about two sister housecats who decide to become private detectives and solve neighborhood crimes when the local police cannot.

Purchasing Information: When you visit either the Adult Novels or Children’s Books page, a purchasing link for each book will direct you to the Amazon Books site. Purchases can be completed on that site.

For purchases of books at a discounted price, signed by the author, please click on the Contact Information page and complete the form. I will return your email and arrange for your purchase and free delivery.

Books are available in both printed and Ebook formats.

Thank you for visiting my website.

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